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Welcome to the Better Collective Bookmaker Awards. Our awards were devised in line with our mission to make sports betting and gaming entertaining, transparent and fair for the global network of online bettors. We love betting and we know that with so many bookmakers in each market it can be hard to find the right one for you. Our Bookmaker Awards use data, a lot of data, to determine the best bookmakers in each market, based on what bettors in those markets told us matters to them. Supported by our leading brands in each market, a Better Collective Bookmaker Award is a simple way for bettors to choose the right bookmaker for them based on their needs. You can see how we do this below.

First launched for the Greek market in 2020 the Better Collective Bookmaker Awards now covers six markets. These are the Greek Bookmaker Awards by Betarades. Launched in 2021 the Danish Bookmaker Awards by Spilxperten, the Swedish Bookmaker Awards by Rekatochklart, the Romania Bookmaker Awards by Pariurix and the Polish Bookmaker Awards by Zagranie. This was followed by the UK Bookmaker Awards in 2022.

How we do it
The Process

We want to make sure that we give bettors the information they need to make the best decisions for them, regardless of where they are or what sites they use. And so we have developed a robust process that we continue to review and revise.

All of our awards in 2022 will use a full 12 months of data for each market. This ensures that the awards are not a snapshot of performance but a true indication of it over time. Much of our data is manually collected and all of our testing is done by real people in real time, so we have the same experience as a sports bettor in that market.

This is the process we use to make the Better Collective Bookmaker Awards the most robust and beneficial to our users, your customers.

  • Large scale betting habits, markets and sports survey across the market
  • Country based focus groups held to clarify findings and gain a better understanding of bettors where required
  • Awards categories confirmed by market
  • Data collection commences
  • Data reviewed on a monthly basis
  • Weighting of all data based on survey results and final scoring
  • Winners confirmed
  • Awards ceremonies take place, winners revealed

If you would like to see the full methodology for each market, please drop us an email

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